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New account – set up and working – ready to go

Sorry, this website isn’t ready yet!

  • If you are a visitor to the website – please contact the web site owner, not Digital Red.
    It could be that this is a new website which is currently being developed and will be ready soon.
    It could also be that this domain name is only used for email, and there are no plans to create a website.
  • If you are the web site owner – when you log into your hosting account you’ll be able to delete the single file which makes this page, and replace this message with your own page or website.
    Contact Digital Red if you need help, or if you don’t want a website and just want to remove this message.


Why is this page here?

Having this page show by default on newly set-up hosting accounts lets you confirm that your domain name is registered, the nameservers are set, and the account is properly configured on the server. It’s normally the first thing that a webdeveloper would delete, to replace with your actual website.


Is this webpage secure?

It should be! If this is your website and you don’t see ‘Secure’ or a padlock in the address bar, you need to take steps to secure it.

All Digital Red hosting accounts include free SSL certificates for all hosted domain names as standard: it needn’t cost you anything extra.